Matron Mother Vlondrill Olonrae


Matron Mother Vlondrill Olonrae is a cruel female with a savage glint in her extra-large eyes. She is alluring and youthful in appearance, though she is more than 600 years old. She is capable of presenting an extremely attractive and pleasant impression to those in her presence-she can turn this charm on and off at will, and it bears little relation to her actual feelings toward the target of her attention. Indeed, her ability to influence others borders on the supernatural.

Matron Olonraeā€™s personality suits the occasion; pleasant or domineering, conciliatory or cruel as the situation demands. She is a splendid actress, but in situations of great stress she has been known to lose her temper.

Although she is as evil as necessary to survive in the dark elf world, the matron mother of House Olonrae possesses an unusual level of neutral attitudes. She deplores bullying and brutality against subordinates as a counterproductive tactic. She prefers to foster loyalty and even a remote sense of affection rather than fear in those who serve her.

At heart though, she is a controlling autocrat and will brook no insolence or disobedience from the members of her house-any slight in this regard will earn the offender a full attack from her whip of fangs. Serious defiance has been met with an agonising death at the hands of summoned bebiliths.

Matron Mother Vlondrill Olonrae

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