Nyill Olonrae, Eldest Son - House Wizard

Ambitious, intelligent aristocrat focused on gaining the favor of the Patron Mother


Drow Wizard 1
Strength 12
Dex 14
Con 13
Int 18
Wis 16
Cha 15

Craft Carpentry, Know (Arcana), Know (Nobles), Know (Planes), Know (Religion), Linguistics, Spellcraft

Familiar Bond: Sil’Cav (Dinosaur, Compsognathus)

Age 142


Nyill is a stoic figure. He keeps to himself as he contemplates the larger nature of the universe. He understands the necessity of order and works within the status quo of the societal structures (Outside the fact that his older brother is too stupid and pompous to be worth any value to the house) He spends his days focused on discovering new mysteries that will help gain power to help increase the position of House Olonrae.

Nyill Olonrae, Eldest Son - House Wizard

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