House Olonrae

Caravan Ambush
Book 1, Chapter 1

Alturiak 15, 1373

Tasked to ambush a House Duskryn caravan to find out what the rival House is bring into the city. After finding notes on some weapons of legend they head to the Kobold shanty town of Runners Boot to seek more information.

Creatures encountered

Cave Fisher




The Crevasse
Book 1, Chapter 2

Alturiak 17, 1373

The group heads to a crevasse where it is rumored that a Shadow Dragon once rested.. After being ambushed by Kobolds and then attacked by Shadow Drakes they head down into the crevasse. Finding a small outpost they fought some chokers and found a trapped Svirfneblin.

Creatures encountered

Shadow Drake



Those Dirty Kobolds
Book 1, Chapter 3

Alturiak 24, 1373

Urged by Phaeira’nay they return to the Koblod shanty town of Runners Boot to put an end to any loose ends.

The Escort
Book 1, Chapter 4 part 1

Ches 8, 1373
Matron Mother Vondrill sends them out into the Underdark to meet up with Hadrogh Prohl. They are to escort his caravan and protect it at all costs.

Days pasted to: Tarsakh 26, 1373

People/Monsters encountered

Hadrogh Prohl

The Box
Book 1, Chapter 4 part 2

Tarsakh 8 1337

The party makes it to Mantol Derith and waits for Hadrogh to acquire his goods. Over the night Hadrogh is murdered. The party is confronted with 3 offers, one from Yyssisiryl H’tithet, Reftael Jerritrel, and Jarlaxle. The party chooses Jarlaxle’s offer and head back out into the underdark.

Jarlaxle warns them of an ambush and the party fights a band of Duergar and Svirfneblin. With help of a few Bregan D’aerthe members the group rallies to kill the Duergar and Svirfneblin. A few days out while camping they are attacked by Revenant. Once again with the help of Bregan D’aerthe members they are victorious.

Once in Menzoberranzan Jarlaxle bids them fair well and the group heads off to the Red Claw Mercantile. Delivering the items they are paid and as the merchant turns to leave3 a Drow seems to appear out of thin air and stabs the merchant and grabs the box. He looks to them and says…...“You’ll be blamed for this. Flee to Stenchstreets, you’ll have your best chance of escape there. My Matron will welcome your aid, should you choose to fight with us against the to bane of Menzoberranzan. Flee to the Stenchstreets, and we shall find you there.” then is gone just as fast as he appeared.

People/Creatures encountered

Yyssisiryl H’tithet

Reftael Jerritrel



The Assassin

The Attack!
Book 1, Chapter 4 part 3

Tarsakh 24 1337

The party heads to The Braeryn, "Stenchstreets"to get away from the trading company and to see what the assassin may have in store for them. Taking up a room at Lair of the Lizardking they await to meet the assassin.

It doesn’t take along for them to notice the assassin’s sign in the Inn’s common room. Some time later the assassin finally enters the inn and takes a seat at their table.

He introduces himself Krecil Nurbonnis. He tells them that their house is under attack and that his Matron Mother will give them asylum if they forgo their house and join Nurbonnis in the attack. They decline and he takes his leave. With their house under attack Phaeira’nay suggests they go to House Nurbonnis and attack them from within while it’s Priestess are in their combat chants.

Entering House Nurbonnis the party slays a few of the house’s young children. Entering the Altar room they find Matron Nurbonnis and her 3 daughters in the chants of war. They go on the attack, the Priestress put up and good fight.

Krecil appears to help his family, but a short time later he convulses and spiders begin pouring out of his mouth. The spiders swarm over Matron Nurbonnis and the party makes a hastily retreat.

It seems their House is saved.

People/Creatures encountered

Drow Children

Matron Nurbonnis

House Nurbonnis

All the city was astir this morning, rumbling in the rumors of the failed raid. Slaves of every inferior race-goblins, orcs, even giants-scrambled out of the way, recognizing Vlondrill, riding her enchanted carriage, as a matron mother. Drow commoners halted conversations and re-mained respectfully silent as the noble family passed.

Outside their gates, all of the nobles of Menzoberranzan, more than a thousand drow, had gathered, with Matron Baenre and the other seven matron mothers of the ruling council at their head. More disastrous for the guilty house, the entirety of the three schools of the Academy, students and instructors, had surrounded the Nurbonnis compound. Matron Vlondrill led her group to the front line behind the ruling matrons. As she was matron of the ninth house, only one step from the council, other drow nobles readily stepped out of her way.

“House Nurbonnis has angered the Spider Queen!” Matron Baenre proclaimed in a voice amplified by magical spells.

“It is the will of the ruling council” Matron Baenre was saying, “that House Nurbonnis suffer the consequences of their actions!”

Matron Baenre addressed the guilty house. “House Nurbonnis!” she called. “You have broken our laws and have been rightfully caught. Fight if you will, but know that you have brought this doom upon yourselfl” With a wave of her hand, she set the Academy, the dispatcher of justice, into motion.

Great braziers had been placed in eight positions around House Nurbonnis, attended by mistresses of Arach- Tinilith and the highest-ranking clerical students. Flames roared to life and shot into the air as the high priestesses opened gates to the lower planes. Denizens of the lower planes, huge, many armed monsters, slime covered and spitting fire, stepped through the flames. Even the nearest high priestesses backed away from the grotesque horde. The creatures gladly accepted such servitude. When the signal from Matron Baenre came, they eagerly descended upon House Nurbonis.

Glyphs and wards exploded at every corner of the house’s feeble gate, but these were mere inconveniences to the summoned creatures.

The wizards and students of Sorcere then went into action, slamming at the top of House Nurbonnis with conjured lightning bolts, balls of acid, and fireballs. Students and masters of Melee-Magthere, the school of fighters, rushed about with heavy crossbows, firing into windows where the doomed family might try to escape.

The horde of monsters bashed through the doors. Lightning flashed and thunder boomed.

The first screams of the doomed family rolled out from the house, screams so terrible and agonized. One of the sons of House Nurbonnis, fleeing a ten-armed giant monster, stepped out onto the balcony of a high window. A dozen crossbow quarrels struck him simultaneously, and before he even fell dead, three separate lightning bolts alternately lifted him from the balcony, then dropped him back onto it.

Scorched and mutilated, the drow corpse started to tumble from its high perch, but the grotesque monster reached out a huge, clawed hand from the window and pulled it back in to devour it.

The siege went on for more than an hour, and when it was finished, when the denizens of the lower planes were dismissed through the braziers’ gates and the students and instructors of the Academy started their march back to Tier Breche, House Nurbonnis was no more than a glowing lump of lifeless, molten stone.

The Wizard
Book 1, Chapter 5

Mirtul 5 1337

Creatures encountered

Old Wizard




Mithral Mines
Book 1 Chapter 6

Mirtul 12 1337

Creatures encountered

Narlros Duskryn

The Enclave
Book 1 Chapter 7

Mirtul 17 1337

Finding their way to the enclave the party encounters more female drow in the same armor as encountered in the wizards tower. After depatching the two sentries Veldrin and Crixxus take to bashing the iron doors down.

Once inside they encounter some more female drow and a male drow wizard. A wall of fire cuts them off from the wizard and two of female drow. Crixxus blindly runs down the hall way, maybe thinking he can get behind the wizard (altough he has no knowledge of the enclav’s lay out). Rounding a corner he rans head long into another female drow.

After a fierce battle Crixxus, Veldrin, and Nyill fall. Amblik is the last one standing when suddenly the sound of a crossbow bow snap breaks the air and a dart hits Amblik and all goes dark.

Creatures encountered


Drow wizard


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