House Olonrae

Amblik's 6 month downtime

Spending restless nights focusing on my capabilities, I study all manner beasts and creatures able and willing to hear my bloods beckon. My abilities have vastly increased and I am eager to know the limits of the power in my blood and the beings willing to serve it.

I seek to commune with my summons more aptly. That would take years and years of research and language deduction that I don’t have the patience for. It SHOULD be able to flow through me just as my magic and my abilities to call upon them.

The spell Comprehend Languages should fix my problem but it doesn’t have the lasting effectiveness I require for the variety of beings I am capable of calling upon. I must find an item that gives me the flexibility to communicate directly at a whim as to better manage the flow of combat.

While not studying the capabilities of the creatures I can call, I have enjoyed relaxing in the taverns and gambling halls where I have found myself taking the gold from those so easily fooled with a little bluff.



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