House Olonrae

The Box

Book 1, Chapter 4 part 2

Tarsakh 8 1337

The party makes it to Mantol Derith and waits for Hadrogh to acquire his goods. Over the night Hadrogh is murdered. The party is confronted with 3 offers, one from Yyssisiryl H’tithet, Reftael Jerritrel, and Jarlaxle. The party chooses Jarlaxle’s offer and head back out into the underdark.

Jarlaxle warns them of an ambush and the party fights a band of Duergar and Svirfneblin. With help of a few Bregan D’aerthe members the group rallies to kill the Duergar and Svirfneblin. A few days out while camping they are attacked by Revenant. Once again with the help of Bregan D’aerthe members they are victorious.

Once in Menzoberranzan Jarlaxle bids them fair well and the group heads off to the Red Claw Mercantile. Delivering the items they are paid and as the merchant turns to leave3 a Drow seems to appear out of thin air and stabs the merchant and grabs the box. He looks to them and says…...“You’ll be blamed for this. Flee to Stenchstreets, you’ll have your best chance of escape there. My Matron will welcome your aid, should you choose to fight with us against the to bane of Menzoberranzan. Flee to the Stenchstreets, and we shall find you there.” then is gone just as fast as he appeared.

People/Creatures encountered

Yyssisiryl H’tithet

Reftael Jerritrel



The Assassin


With all the unsolicited help we received from Jarlaxle, I should have realized we were being manipulated. I feel we are puppets in this transaction. But who is pulling our strings? I sense Jarlaxle was in-the-know from the start and is still going to be a part in our manipulation. We may soon find out as we flee to the Stenchstreets

The Box

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