House Olonrae

Nasadra Vault

Book 2, Chapter 1

Nightal 5 1337

Tasked to enter a long forgotten vault of House Nasadraby Matron Vondril, the party has a bit of trouble with the door to the vault. Finally once inside they encounter more of the same female drow they have ran into in the past. Veldrin Infroms the group that they are called the ‘Devils Claw’. After dealing with two females they find a trap door with a ladder that leads down.

In a small room the find an unusual door and some stone disks set into the wall. After a mishap they find the right combination and get though the door. Stairs lead down to a store room of some sort where they fight two bearded devils.

Beyond that room lies a long hallway with a long female in it. Vledrin charges down the hallway to attack but sets off a trap and a blade swings out of the wall and nearly kills him.

In the lower chamber, which appears to be some sort of library they find Celeena. She puts up a fight with her hell hounds, but surrenders in the end. They find the documents they are looking for and take them and Celeena back to House Olanrae.

When you return home Maya and Xuna take Celeena. You can only guess as to what foul plans they have for her.

creatures encountered

Devil’s Claw

Bearded Devil

Burning Skeletons

Hell hounds




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