House Olonrae

The Blackfyre Sword

Book 2 - Chapter 2, part 1

Nightal 13 1337

Informed of a weapon of great power that was stolen from House Duskryn, they are tasked to go find the weapon, before Duskryn agents get it back. Lyme’s spy network and with “help” of Celeena, found that it seems to have been stolen by Tirana Nasadra. She has taken it to an hidden House Nasadra outpost in the underdark.

Inside they find a wild variety of creatures and traps. House Nasadra also has some very complex machines in the complex.

Notes found on the sword
Blackfyre is one of the two of twin steel swords Paton Wyvernspur bought from a wizard in Silverymoon.

Blackfyre was passed from from father to son, until Gerrin I Wyvernspur chose to bestow it to Aiken, his bastard son instead of his legitimate son, whom he suspected was actually fathered by his brother. Some felt that the sword symbolized the monarchy, so the gift was the seed from which the Blackfyre Rebellion grew.

During the Blackfyre Rebellion the Aiken continued to wield the sword in battle, and fought an epic duel with Ser Gwayne Corbray at the Battle of the Redgrass Field, pitted against Gwayne’s blade Lady Forlorn.

After the death of Aiken and his twin sons on the Redgrass Fields, his half brother, Aegor, took Blackfyre with him in exile. The sword’s current whereabouts are unknown.

The pictures

Creatures encountered

Gray Render

Abyssal Raptor and Abyssal Goblin



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