House Olonrae

Veldrin Down time

I have spent most of my time, over the last few months, in my quarters. I have transformed my quarters into the finest Alchemy lab i could develop. With the help of Amblik I was able to extract and develop powerful fiendish spider poisons. I spent weeks crafting, slow burn alchemical arrows that combust once they hit a target. I also crafted a few alchemical weapons id like to work into our Houses defenses, flash powder and pellet grenades. I also studied the spores i received from the Old Wizard. I have been unsuccessful in propagating the spore sample. My level of alchemical crafting skill is not great enough to create a viable culture. When he could find the time, I also employed the services of Nyill in casting Crafter’s Fortune on me from a wand i purchased. All work and no play is no fun. From time-to-time I venture to my favorite taverns and brothels to indulge in the pleasures and chaos of Menzoberranzan.

I also picked up a eye patch



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